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WSL2 can now mount Linux ext4 disks instantly

Should you’re on a model of Home windows 11 that’s construct 22000 or higher, now you can use WSL to mount Linux disks instantly. Run winver to see your Home windows model. I am on 22000.282 as of the time of this writing.

I may also run wsl –help and see the –mount directions. If you do not have them, you are not on the newest, or you may attempt putting in/replace WSL from the Home windows Retailer. Putting in WSL from the Home windows Retailer will get you updates quicker.

--mount <Disk>
Attaches and mounts a bodily disk in all WSL2 distributions.
Connect the disk to WSL2, however do not mount it.

--type <Kind>
Filesystem to make use of when mounting a disk, if not specified defaults to ext4.

--options <Choices>
Further mount choices.

--partition <Index>
Index of the partition to mount, if not specified defaults to the entire disk.

--unmount [Disk]
Unmounts and detaches a disk from all WSL2 distributions.
Unmounts and detaches all disks if referred to as with out argument.

You may should be an admin to mount a disk. You possibly can first get an inventory of all of the disks utilizing this PowerShell question:

GET-CimInstance -query "SELECT * from Win32_DiskDrive"

The DeviceID is a path like .SOMETHING and that is what issues.

Then you definitely simply wsl --mount .SOMETHING".

The gadget will seem underneath /mnt/wsl/SOMETHING in your Linux occasion. You possibly can mount unpartitioned disks like this, otherwise you can mount partitioned disks. Then you may run lsblk and see the partitions and so they’ll be underneath /dev/<Machine><Partition>. As soon as you already know the partition quantity you may return and wsl --mount --.SOMETHING --partition --type Filesystem. The filesystem parameter is for issues like vfat, and so on for filesystems which have kernel assist.

WSL --mount for ext4 and Linux File Systems on WSL2

At the moment SD Playing cards and Flash Drives aren’t working, however USB externals work and inside drives work, in addition to VHDs.

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