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The Final Information To Figuring out Totally different Sorts Of Palletization

Palletization is a core step within the provide chain course of. On the floor, palletizing can appear quite simple — you simply stack packing containers onto an empty pallets. However there are numerous several types of palletization and numerous methods to match these sorts.

With so many alternative pallet sorts and supplies, course of layouts, and ranges of automation, it is easy to turn out to be overwhelmed when attempting to find out which sort of palletization is greatest suited to your particular wants.

On this information, we stroll you thru every of the several types of palletization. We examine every kind’s benefits and downsides that can assist you determine the most effective one for you.

What number of varieties of palletization are there?

Given their supposed simplicity, pallets may be surprisingly complicated.

It is exhausting to say precisely what number of distinct varieties of palletization there are. Relying on who you’re speaking to, they might have alternative ways of categorizing pallets and the processes surrounding them.

For instance, a pallet producer could differentiate pallets by materials, form, or trade – completely different industries typically require particular pallets for regulatory causes. A course of engineer would possibly as an alternative take a look at how pallets can match into the packing processes in several methods. And an automation engineer will most likely take a look at the completely different ranges of automation.

As a pallet person, it is useful to know these completely different categorizations so you can also make extra knowledgeable decisions in your finish of line processes.

4 methods to match several types of palletization

There isn’t a definitive “normal” that describes several types of palletization.

Nonetheless, listed below are 4 helpful methods that you would be able to differentiate between them:

1. By pallet kind

One useful strategy to examine pallets themselves is to take a look at the kind of pallet.

For instance, you may examine them by the fabric that the pallet is constructed from, similar to wooden, steel, or plastic. It’s also possible to examine the design of the pallet, similar to winged, stringer, or nested.

You will discover out extra about completely different pallet sorts in our article 10 Forms of Pallet You Ought to Positively Know About.

2. By palletizing sample

One other widespread technique of evaluating pallets is by their palletizing sample. This implies wanting on the order and orientation during which you positioned packing containers on the pallet. Examples embrace interlocked, break up, row, and pinwheel.

The pallet sample has a powerful influence on the soundness of the packing containers. You will discover out extra about palletizing patterns in our article 7 Palletizing Patterns for Your Cobot to Scale back Product Harm

3. By course of structure

One other means of palletizing is to not give attention to the pallets themselves, however to take a look at how they combine into the remainder of your operations.

By choosing the proper course of structure, you make sure that the steps main as much as your palletizing operation are probably the most environment friendly potential. Examples of various palletizing course of sorts embrace serial palletization, parallel palletization, and hub and spoke palletization.

4. By degree of automation

Lastly, a really useful strategy to examine several types of palletization is to take a look at the extent of automation.

Degree of automation determines how a lot of the palletizing process you could have given (or may give) to automated equipment.

What’s probably the most helpful strategy to examine palletization sorts?

With all these choices, what’s probably the most helpful strategy to examine palletization sorts?

It is dependent upon why you want to examine them.

Evaluating by pallet kind is beneficial when you find yourself buying pallets. Nonetheless, it isn’t such a helpful comparability when you already know what pallets you’ll be utilizing.

Evaluating by pallet sample may help you optimize your use of area on the pallets themselves. That is may be an ongoing course of and it is useful to examine your pallet patterns commonly, particularly in case you are altering your pallet layouts usually.

Evaluating by course of structure is most useful when you find yourself designing or enhancing your complete facility structure. After this, it is unlikely you’ll take a look at course of structure fairly often.

For many individuals seeking to enhance their palletizing course of, probably the most related is the extent of automation. By evaluating for degree of automation, you can also make the correct selections about what technological options would most assist your palletizing course of.

Palletization by degree of automation: benefits and downsides

If you find yourself evaluating palletizing sorts by degree of automation, there are 4 fundamental ranges you’ll be able to take a look at.

Listed below are the 4 sorts together with their benefits and downsides:

1. Handbook palletization

The primary and most typical degree of palletization automation is guide palletizing. This requires no automation and as an alternative depends on a human operator to maneuver, manage, and stack merchandise onto the pallet.

The chief benefit of guide palletizing is its flexibility and ease. Nonetheless, it has enormous disadvantages, together with being unsafe for human operators, expensive by way of labor, and inconsistent in high quality.

2. Semi-automated or aided palletization

After guide palletizing, many corporations add some degree of automation or mechanical aids to assist with the palletizing process. A semi-automated course of would possibly embrace a system to pack layers onto a pallet, however that also requires human enter.

A bonus of semi-automated techniques is that they’re available and may be virtually as versatile as people. Nonetheless, they’re usually expensive, much less versatile than different types of automation, and take up a number of area.

3. Typical automated palletization

The standard strategy to automating palletization duties is to make use of absolutely automated palletization machines. These are generally utilized in mass manufacturing environments.

A bonus of typical palletizing automation is that they palletize in a short time. Nonetheless, a draw back is that they’re enormous, complicated to put in, and rigid to adjustments.

4. Robotic palletization

Robotic palletization entails utilizing a robotic to stack merchandise onto the pallet. There are differing kinds, from giant industrial robotic palletizers (that share a few of the similar downsides as typical automation) to collaborative robotic palletizers.

Collaborative robotic palletizers, specifically, are very versatile, value efficient, and straightforward to deploy. Though they don’t seem to be as quick as their typical counterparts, they provide the advantages of robotic palletization to many extra environments than was potential beforehand.

Collaborative robot holding 2 boxes with the Robotiq PowerPick gripper

Discovering the most effective kind of palletization for you

Which sort of palletization is greatest for you?

It is useful to first resolve what you need in your palletizing. This may allow you to resolve one of the simplest ways to match the completely different palletizing sorts on provide.

If you’re robotic palletizing, you can also make your life a lot simpler by selecting a palletizing utility equipment. This contains every little thing it’s good to get began with palletizing automation and removes most of the widespread roadblocks that maintain folks again.

How do you examine palletization sorts in your small business? Inform us within the feedback beneath or be part of the dialogue on LinkedIn, Twitter, Fb, or the DoF skilled robotics group.


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