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Puzzle – 4 Adventurers and a Small Canoe

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There’s a small canoe that’s used to cross a river. The canoe can maintain at most 100 kg of weight. Now, there are 4 adventurers who’re in a panic state of affairs as in they should cross the river. Among the many 4 adventurers, Alex weighs 90 kg, Brook weighs 80 kg, Chris weighs 60 kg and Dusty weighs 40 kg. Additionally together with them, they’ve throughout respective baggage of 20 kg. Will they have the ability to cross the river and return house secure, however wait how?

Four Freinds and a Canoe

4 Adventurers and a Canoe


Solution in 9 steps/images

The answer in 9 steps/pictures

So the issue is, all of them must cross the river in a approach that the general weight is lower than the boat’s complete capability. We have to discover an environment friendly approach to remedy the issue. There could also be a few options that work correctly, certainly one of them is mentioned beneath:

  • First Chris and Dusty cross the river (mixed weight is 100kg),
  • Subsequent, Dusty(40 kg) returns,
  • Subsequent, Alex(90kg) cross the river,
  • Chris returns then,
  • Chris and Dusty cross the river once more,
  • Dusty(40 kg) returns then,
  • Brook(80kg) crosses the river with provides (mixed weight 100 kg) then,
  • Chris(60kg) returns then,
  • Now on the closing, Chris and Dusty cross the river once more.

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