macos – Does Time Machine take “time limit” constant backups?



When Time Machine begins a backup, does it someway take a snapshot of the present state of the filesystem such that any adjustments made to recordsdata after the backup begins aren’t mirrored within the backup? I am questioning about self-consistency of Time Machine backups. Are Time Machine backups completely constant?

In case it is not clear what I am saying, here is an instance. Say I’ve three recordsdata in a listing, ‘a’, ‘b’, and ‘c’, and every of them is 100 bytes in dimension. I begin a Time Machine backup that’s going to take a substantial period of time…to illustrate an hour for argument sake.

Within the subsequent couple of minutes after beginning the backup, I delete file ‘a’, append new info onto file ‘b’ making it 200 bytes in size, and create a brand new file ‘d’. After the backup finishes, and I’m going in and have a look at the ensuing snapshot, am I assured to see three recordsdata ‘a’, ‘b’, and ‘c’, every of 100 bytes in size, and no file ‘d’? Or is there no consistency assured…how every of those recordsdata is backed up is a matter of when Time Machine truly backs up these explicit recordsdata?

If somebody thinks that Time Machine does take constant snapshots, I’d like to have a quotation coming from Apple or somebody who has rigorously examined to verify that is the case. I’ve a specific purpose to wish to depend on such habits.

TIA for any information!

PS: I feel we’re all working Monterey. We actually all could possibly be if it made a distinction. I assume we’re all working customary APFS setups.