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Find out how to Setup Credential Helper for AWS CodeCommit

AWS CodeCommit is a git code repository service by Amazon Internet Providers.

It would be best to clone your repository and setup your remotes utilizing credential helper.

Step 1 – Setup Credential Helper

git config --global credential.helper '!aws codecommit credential-helper [email protected]'
git config --global credential.UseHttpPath true

It will write to your native consumer’s ~/.gitconfig, and the file will look one thing like:

    helper = !aws --profile CodeCommitProfile codecommit credential-helper [email protected]
    UseHttpPath = true

You possibly can edit this file by working the next git command:

git config --global --edit

Step 2 – Non-obligatory – If utilizing MacOS

By connecting to the CodeCommit repository with HTTPS, the entry is by default short-term, and connections will begin failing after about quarter-hour.

To repair this, it is advisable:

  • Set up a model of Git that doesn’t use the keychain by default.
  • Configure the Keychain Entry utility to not present credentials for CodeCommit repositories.
  1. Open the Keychain Entry utility. (You should use Finder to find it.)
  2. Seek for Spotlight the row, open the context menu or right-click it, after which select Get Data.
  3. Select the Entry Management tab.
  4. In Affirm earlier than permitting entry, select git-credential-osxkeychain, after which select the minus signal to take away it from the checklist.

After you take away git-credential-osxkeychain from the checklist, you see a pop-up message everytime you run a Git command. Select Deny to proceed. If you happen to discover the pop-ups too disruptive, listed below are another choices:

Step 3 – Git Clone the Repository

At this stage now you can git clone the repository in CodeCommit.

Open the CodeCommit console at

Discover the repository you need to hook up with from the checklist and select it. Select Clone URL, after which select the protocol you need to use when cloning or connecting to the repository. This copies the clone URL.

git clone your-repo-directory

Extra notes

In case you are cloning as a part of a profile identify in your ~/.aws/config, then you have to to set the AWS_PROFILE setting variable as follows:

export AWS_PROFILE = "<profile_name"

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