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Distinction between 0/1 Knapsack downside and Fractional Knapsack downside

What’s Knapsack Drawback?

Suppose you might have been given a knapsack or bag with a restricted weight capability, and every merchandise has some weight and worth. The issue right here is that “Which merchandise is to be positioned within the knapsack such that the burden restrict doesn’t exceed and the full worth of the objects is as giant as doable?”.

Contemplate the real-life instance. Suppose there’s a thief and he enters the museum. The thief comprises a knapsack, or we will say a bag that has restricted weight capability. The museum comprises varied objects of various values. The thief decides what objects are ought to he hold within the bag in order that revenue would turn out to be most.

Some vital factors associated to the knapsack downside are:

  • It’s a combinatorial optimization-related downside.
  • Given a set of N objects – often numbered from 1 to N; every of this stuff has a mass wi and a price vi.
  • It determines the variety of every merchandise to be included in a set in order that the full weight M is lower than or equal to a given restrict and the full worth is as giant as doable.
  • The issue usually arises in useful resource allocation the place there are monetary constraints.

Knapsack Drawback Variants:

1. 0/1 knapsack downside

A knapsack means a bag. It’s used for fixing knapsack issues. This downside is solved by utilizing a dynamic programming strategy. On this downside, the objects are both utterly crammed or no objects are crammed in a knapsack. 1 means objects are utterly crammed or 0 means no merchandise within the bag. For instance, we’ve two objects having weights of 12kg and 13kg, respectively. If we decide the 12kg merchandise then we can’t decide the 10kg merchandise from the 12kg merchandise (as a result of the merchandise will not be divisible); we’ve to select the 12kg merchandise utterly.

  • On this downside, we can’t take the fraction of the objects. Right here, we’ve to resolve whether or not we’ve to take the merchandise, i.e., x = 1 or not, i.e., x = 0.
  • The grasping strategy doesn’t present the optimum end result on this downside.
  • One other strategy is to kind the objects by value per unit weight and begins from the very best till the knapsack is full. Nonetheless, it’s not a superb answer. Suppose there are N objects. Now we have two choices both we choose or exclude the merchandise. The brute pressure strategy has O(2N) exponential working time. As an alternative of utilizing the brute pressure strategy, we use the dynamic programming strategy to acquire the optimum answer.

Pseudocode of 0/1 knapsack downside:

DP-01KNAPSACK(p[], w[], n, M) // n: variety of objects; M: capability
for ̟j := 0 to M C[0, ̟ j] := 0;
for i := 0 to n C[i, 0] := 0;
for i := 1 to n
for ̟ := 1 to M
if (w[i] >j ̟) // can’t decide merchandise i
C[i, ̟j] := C[i – 1, ̟];
if ( p[i] + C[i-1, ̟ – w[i]]) > C[i-1, ̟j])
C[i, j] := p[i] + C[i – 1, ̟j – w[i]];
C[i, j ̟] := C[i – 1, j ̟];
return C[n, M];

Time Complexity: O(N*W))
Auxiliary Area: O(N*C)

2. Fractional knapsack downside

This downside can be used for fixing real-world issues. It’s solved by utilizing the Grasping strategy. On this downside we will additionally divide the objects means we will take a fractional a part of the objects that’s the reason it’s known as the fractional knapsack downside. For instance, if we’ve an merchandise of 13 kg then we will decide the merchandise of 12 kg and go away the merchandise of 1 kg. To resolve the fractional downside, we first compute the worth per weight of every merchandise.

  • As we all know that the fractional knapsack downside makes use of a fraction of the objects so the grasping strategy is used on this downside.
  • The fractional knapsack downside will be solved by first sorting the objects in keeping with their values, and it may be carried out in O(NlogN) This strategy begins with discovering probably the most useful merchandise, and we think about probably the most useful merchandise as a lot as doable, so begin with the very best worth merchandise denoted by vi. Then, we think about the subsequent merchandise from the sorted listing, and on this means, we carry out the linear search in O(N) time complexity.
  • Due to this fact, the general working time can be O(NlogN) plus O(N) equals to O(NlogN). We will say that the fractional knapsack downside will be solved a lot sooner than the 0/1 knapsack downside.

Pseudocode of Fractional knapsack downside:


S ← Φ   // Set of chosen objects, initially empty
SW ← 0    // weight of chosen objects
SP ← 0    // revenue of chosen objects
i ← 1

whereas i ≤ n do
  if (SW + w[i]) ≤ M then
      S ← S ∪ X[i]                
      SW ← SW + W[i]
      SP ← SP + V[i]
      frac ← (M – SW) / W[i]  
      S ← S ∪ X[i] * frac      // Add fraction of merchandise X[i]
      SP ← SP + V[i] * frac    // Add fraction of revenue
      SW ← SW + W[i] * frac    // Add fraction of weight
  i ← i + 1

Time Complexity: O(NlogN)
Auxiliary Area: O(1)

Following are the variations between the 0/1 knapsack downside and the Fractional knapsack downside.

Sr. No

0/1 knapsack downside

Fractional knapsack downside

1. The 0/1 knapsack downside is solved utilizing dynamic programming strategy. Fractional knapsack downside is solved utilizing a grasping strategy.
2. The 0/1 knapsack downside has not an optimum construction. The fractional knapsack downside has anthe optimum construction.
3. Within the 0/1 knapsack downside, we aren’t allowed to interrupt objects. Fractional knapsack downside, we will break objects for maximizing the full worth of the knapsack.
4.  0/1 knapsack downside, finds a most useful subset merchandise with a complete worth lower than equal to weight. Within the fractional knapsack downside, finds a most useful subset merchandise with a complete worth equal to the the burden.
5.  Within the 0/1 knapsack downside we will take objects in an integer worth. Within the fractional knapsack downside, we will take objects in fractions in floating factors. 

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