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copy paste – “CMD-c” in vim on os/x shouldn’t be copying even with +clipboard

Let’s check out the clipboard flags:

vim --version | grep clip
+clipboard         +keymap            +printer           +vertsplit
+eval              -mouse_jsbterm     -sun_workshop      -xterm_clipboard

Appears alright to me .. Highlighting some textual content in vim does activate Visible mode. However then hitting cmd-c ends in an aggravated “beep” and nothing greater than that.

So I added the next to the default .vimrc

set clipboard=unnamed

Nonetheless no cube. What must be accomplished?

Replace. +y does work.. however I’ve seen CMD-C work on different mac laptops i’ve owned. The final one proper right here (that does work) didn’t have something particular accomplished afaict: there’s not even any ~/.vimrc file.


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