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Biocytogen Launches RenNano™ Mouse, a Totally Human Heavy Chain Antibody Platform to Speed up Nanobody Drug Discovery

Biocytogen Prescribed drugs (Beijing) Co., Ltd. right now formally launched its totally human heavy chain antibody platform, RenNano™. RenNano™ is the third member of the RenMice™ household, becoming a member of RenMab™ and RenLite®. Collectively, Biocytogen’s three RenMice™ platforms enable for the streamlined discovery and improvement of totally human monoclonal antibodies, bispecific/multispecific antibodies and single-domain antibodies (sdAbs, or nanobodies).

Whereas people and mice generate antibodies that require heavy and lightweight chain pairing to be practical, camels and sharks generate heavy-chain-only antibodies (HCAb), that means their variable domains (VHH or sdAb) can operate with out pairing with the sunshine chain. Owing to their nanometer-level measurement and small molecular weight, sdAbs have superior permeability, thus can cross the blood-brain barrier and infiltrate stable tumor tissues. As well as, the longer CDR3 area permits sdAbs to detect the in any other case hidden epitopes of GPCRs and different difficult targets. Since sdAbs have a easy construction, they’re supreme constructing blocks for assembling bispecific/multispecific antibodies and CAR cell therapies.

Whereas nanobodies have its distinctive benefits, animals that naturally produce HCAbs, resembling camels, are troublesome to be extensively used for the preparation of monoclonal antibodies as a result of they’re giant, having a protracted breeding cycle and few offspring. In the meantime, humanization is required to develop camelid antibody sequences into medication, which additional will increase the complexity and time of drug improvement.

Due to this fact, Biocytogen developed RenNano™ mouse that was engineered to supply HCAbs by modifying the fixed area of the totally human RenMab™ mannequin. In contrast with different present HCAb platforms, the in situ substitute of the mouse genes with the entire human heavy chain variable genes makes the RenNano™ mouse probably the most complete totally human antibody platforms on the earth. SdAb sequences generated from RenNano™ mice have the very best doable range, and don’t require antibody humanization, which saves time and value, and reduces danger of failure throughout later levels of drug improvement. Moreover, in contrast with camelids or different pure HCAb-producing species, mice are simpler to breed and immunize. Our in-house research present that immunization of RenNano™ mice can generate HCAbs with numerous CDR3 sequences that acknowledge quite a lot of epitopes. These HCAbs can acknowledge antigens with nM-level affinity impartial of sunshine chains. Furthermore, antibodies derived from RenNano™ mice are able to exerting organic features each in vitro and in vivo. They’re extremely hydrophilic and have favorable developability traits.

The profitable improvement of the RenNano™ platform expands Biocytogen’s capabilities of antibody discovery and broadens the purposes of our antibody library. We welcome international companions to understand the total potential of our RenMice™ platforms and derived antibodies and convey profit to the sufferers.

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